How Socks Can Tell Things about You

We may not realize this but socks can be a huge part of our lives. We sometimes wear socks out of habit, without knowing much about the significance. The thing is that socks are not just for comfort and protection but it can also be a reflection of our personality. Socks can be a reflection of one’s personality. We can come up with a lot of stories about a person based on the kind of sock a person is wearing. There are people who wear their socks based on their mood. There are times people like to wear some funny socks because they want to make the situation light. There are people who love to wear bright colors to show how happy they are. As some might wear one color socks to reflect the somber mood. Here is a list that can tell people much about you based on the socks you like wearing often.

There are people who wear knee high socks. Often we see young ladies wear knee high socks. They wear the socks as part of a school uniform. Of course some may try to personalize the socks they wear. They may try to make the socks hand painted or to wear colored knee high socks. Of course, that will depend whether the schools will allow the young girls to wear their socks apart from white. With knee high socks, they are easily seen. This is the reason a lot of effort is being put into place to make the socks stand out.

Classic socks may be a reflection on how serious you are in life. It shows that you are a conventional person. It has been observed the people who like to wear classic socks can be either polite or rude. The ones wearing classic socks are those who may be showing authority at times.

Sock with holes can be a reflection of a person who thinks about being economical. It is possible that the person is a miser or practical minded. These people are not going to spend much on things that they can maximize until the time comes the socks are no longer practical to use because they are torn beyond recognition.

Crazy socks are a reflection of the mood and also the character of the person.

A person who love to wear white socks is not afraid to take risks as a person who wears black might be feeling a little blue.

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